I have had the good fortune of working with Odette for several years. Her intuitive, natural ability to read the body and what it needs at any given second, allows me to feel so safe and comfortable in her hands. I am not a dancer or a yogi, just a person with a lot of physical issues, and Odette has designed a program for me that exactly suits my needs from one session to the next.  I always delight in the way she can make the slightest, most minimal adjustments that make all the difference to my ‘workout’. But there is something more than skill, ability and talent that make Odette so unique. It is her loving, generous and warm nature that shines through everything she does – not to mention her endless patience and humour. Her understanding of the body and its many wonders never fails to astound me! I am so grateful that she is in my life.
— Barbara Raphael

I have known Odette for over 20 years.  I’m constantly amazed at her wisdom and insight. She’s helped me through many injuries and life journeys. I highly recommend Odette.  She’s a dear friend and a talented healer.
— Lisa Hartley

I arrive at yoga on Friday nights feeling tired from the week. After the session I feel relaxed and ready for the weekend. Odette can tailor the session to meet the needs of a range of students at various levels, in her class.
— Sandy

Odette Slater brings comfort, solace and peace to her practice.  Every visit with Odette left me feeling transformed, grounded and buoyant at the same time.  She is not only a gentle spirit, she is also a patient and kind teacher who really really knows and understands the human body. I am very grateful to Odette for all she has brought to my life.
— Cecile Larochelle

Odette Slater is passionate about supporting and promoting health and wellbeing. I have been fortunate to know her for two years, during which we have worked together to find the space where it is possible to transform my twisted posture into length and strength.  She has great respect for the natural order of things, and allows the body, mind and soul to relax and discover their true nature, and how they are interconnected.  Highly intuitive and attentive, Odette is able to bring her knowledge of the many modalities she has studied, together with her innate wisdom, to every moment of her work.  I am very grateful to unwind under her careful tutelage.
— Gillian Maxwell

Odette has the amazing gift of telling the story of the body. She paints such a vivid visual picture that I find it easy to follow her instructions. And, when my brain doesn’t get it, Odette has a way of being that allows me to make the correction without feeling like anything is wrong. She provides a space of trust and ease – don’t get me wrong, she still has me work hard. I would highly recommend Odette to anyone wanting to do a Pilates and/or Yoga practice, no matter what level you’re at.
— Christine Unterthiner

Odette has been my teacher and mentor for close to 12 years. I am a professional dance artist and my work with Odette has not only been life changing on a personal level, but is also the mainstay and foundation of the physical/spiritual practice which supports my career.

This profound work, facilitated by Odette’s remarkable level of expertise, provides me with insights and guidance that inform many areas of my life. It also develops a broad set of tools, ideas and imagery about my own practice and wellness – this is a continually growing and wonderfully empowering skillset I can draw upon anytime I need. This work also serves as my key method of injury prevention.

Beyond this, when I enter Odette’s studio I feel that I am stepping into a sacred space where I am being deeply seen, listened to, validated, and positively challenged to explore new territory. Odette possesses the rare and innate gift of guiding her students into the wisdom their bodies already contain, in an environment free of judgment and filled with compassion, humour, and trust in each body’s unique process.

Because she is constantly working to evolve her own very accomplished practice, she is always open to her own growth and is always allowing her own perspective and understanding of this work to deepen. She is truly living what she is teaching. In all our years of working together, never have I felt labeled, nor have I felt that Odette had a pre-prescribed plan or method of guiding or facilitating my sessions.

Odette is a skilled practitioner who understands that a physical practice is not only malleable, but that it is an alchemy of body and spirit – she is constantly willing to evolve along with her student, meeting them at the place they are, shifting her focus to the areas which call for attention on that day, and gently encouraging them into a place of more fulfilled embodiment.

To work with such a practitioner, mentor, facilitator and guide is a gift for which I feel very grateful. This work with Odette takes us deep into ourselves and becomes a truly whole bodied, whole spirited wellness practice and way of being

— Alexis Fletcher; Dance artist with Ballet BC, student of yoga and Pilates

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