Pilates and Yoga

Why combine Pilates and Yoga?

Historically speaking, Pilates is not quite one hundred years old yet. There have been many indisputable advances in the field of movement education in the last one hundred years and Pilates is part of that movement (pardon the pun). Yoga is at least ten thousand years old and there is a library of ancient Sanskrit texts that can help you to understand that and much more.

In the last twenty years there has been a huge growth of interest in Yoga in American and European culture. Many people are feeling huge benefits through their practice of Yoga. Others, in their over-zealousness, lack of understanding, and lack of proper instruction have been creating serious injury in their bodies. Yoga, in a very small nutshell, is a way of life that teaches discernment and the ability to make wise choices.

One very small branch of Yoga is Asana. Asana is also known as sitting, posture, stretching. Asana is all those things but it is also more than those ideas put together. The practice of asana is meant to create balance in the physical body so that we can open our mind, in a focussed way, to a much deeper knowing. For many people, and also through pop culture, asana has come to mean all that Yoga is.

Odette began studying Yoga in 1986 although was first introduced to it in the early 1970’s. As a professional contemporary dancer the physicality of asana was a natural draw. Around 1988 Odette was introduced to Pilates and became curious about the interface that Yoga and Pilates might share. She has devoted over 25 years of her life to developing that thought! Odette is excited about sharing her knowledge of movement, Yoga and Pilates with people who are also inquisitive and curious about the patterns and memories we hold and that hold us. Yoga and Pilates are tool kits, among many, for exploring how our physicality roots us in this world and how we can make a difference with ease and passion.

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