By Appointment


Whether you are healing an injury, in chronic pain, or simply want to improve tone, posture and flexibility, Odette will design a program for you that evolves as time goes on and will also design a home program if you want that.

All sessions are one hour long except for your first session which is one hour and fifteen minutes.


Private sessions (1 person)
  • $108 first session – 1hr, 15min
  • $810 for 10-Session Package
  • $425 for 5-Session Package
Semi private sessions (2 people)
  • $55 /person for 1 (one) Session
  • $250 /person for 5-Session Package
  • $450 /person for 10-Session Package

Ten-Session Package is valid for 20 weeks and expires 20 weeks after date of first session.

Five-Session Package is valid for 10 weeks and expires 10 weeks after date of first session.

In your first session you fill out the Client Profile form and your mobility and strength are assessed. It is also important, in the first session that you get to express what you want to achieve through this work and what goals and timelines you would like to set for yourself. Then we get started on developing your program.


Even with Odette’s competitive rates, she still offers an incentive package:

  • One Free Private Class in your 11th consecutive week when you complete your 10-Class Package within ten consecutive weeks (works out to $73.63/session)
  • Two Free Private Classes in your 6th consecutive week if you complete your 10-Class Package within five consecutive weeks (works out to $67.50/session)

Results in function, strength, and flexibility are much more dramatic when you are able to attend regularly and more often. It is a deeply satisfying experience to be committed to the depth of the process of integrating your physicality with the many layers of your being. Everyone’s work and limitations are deeply honoured.


As an instructor Odette is in great demand.
Pre-booked private sessions require 48 hours notice of cancellation or you will be charged for the session.


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