The Magic that Shows Up Daily

As I begin my first ever blog post I wonder what I want to share that is relevant, inspiring and perhaps controversial. I want to share the magic that shows up in my life daily and the actions and choices that are fertile ground for noticing this magic. I have no doubt that there is ALWAYS magic present. The trick is to be able to notice that cosmic dance, not just swirling around us, but that we are actually a part of. Deep wounds, that we may or may not be aware of, inhibit our participation in this amazing vortex we call life.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate as the mother of two beautiful, strong, healthy, willful girls who both got to experience their own birth into this world peacefully at home. Now don’t get me wrong! Birth is a very intense experience for all present!  I love the idea that, in anything we do, we can be fully engaged and at ease at the same time. Ahimsa, the first quality of the first limb of Ashtanga Yoga (eight limbed Yoga) means non-violence. I choose, to the best of my ability, to live peacefully and with clear intent.

I also have an adult son and a three year old grandson. My son is actually my stepson but I have recently taken to introducing him as my son because I love him that much and he is also a vital part of our family. I have helped raise him since he was 10 and now am his only living mother. That is another story though and I would only tell it with his permission. I have only physically given birth to two children yet I thrive on the feeling of having four children in my busy home. Two part-time and two full-time.

I met Ron, my partner in life, almost twenty-five years ago in a dance studio in Vancouver. It was NOT love at first sight! We worked together for about five years before we started dating. He is the drummer, I am the dancer. He says I started it, I say he started it. We’ll never know. Or maybe we are both right. I love metaphors. It is hard to believe so much time has passed already. And again, I am not trying to sugar coat anything. I thrive on intensity. It’s not always easy. I suppose we stick with it because we know how to laugh and cry and have fun and grieve and whatever else it takes to heal those damn wounds…..


One thought on “The Magic that Shows Up Daily

  1. Odette, it’s so lovely to read your first post! You write so freely and from the heart! I had a forage into the world of blogging a year or so ago but somehow I let it go. It’s difficult to keep the discipline! I wish you luck and look forward to your next postX

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